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Amaravati plans approved by govt.

The Andhra Pradesh government, headed by Chief Minister Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, has approved the designs submitted by a London-based architect for the new capital city, Amaravati. Foster + Partners, which is well-known worldwide for its iconic designs of buildings for offices and residential spaces, submitted its plans for the design of nine cities in Amaravati, including the government city.
According to government sources, the Legislative Assembly, or Vidhan Sabha, building has been designed as a diamond by Foster + Partners, while the high court will resemble a Buddhist stupa.
The British architect had worked with an Indian partner, but most of the designs had been made in London. The source said that Naidu was “happy” with the designs.
The government has acquired 33,000 acres of land in Amaravati for the purpose of building a capital city. Most of the acquisition was done through the route of “land pooling”, in which the land owners would eventually get a higher return for their small landholdings, the source said.
With the government approving the designs, the next step in the process of capital city construction would be to call for bids from contractors to construct various buildings.
It is anybody’s guess at this time how the government will fund its ambitious capital city project. One funding proposal, according to experts, would be for the building contractor to put in the money for the construction himself, and he will be compensated with clear-titled government land elsewhere in Amaravati. If this indeed is being considered by Mr. Naidu’s government, then it will be a first. Then it will remain to be seen whether any company or builder will come forward to take up the construction projects, especially when the payment for the same could be well into the future.
It is understood that well-respected architects from abroad, particularly those from Western countries, charge 7.5% of the total cost of the building as their fees, compared to the 1.5% charged by architects based in India. The government is believed to have paid Foster + Partners several million pounds sterling for the designs. If Foster + Partners is indeed retained for supervising and approving the construction, then Andhra Pradesh will need to be prepared to pay a fee of 7.5% of the total cost of the government buildings in Amaravati.

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