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Eisai India begins Sale of MS Portfolio

Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd (“Eisai India”), a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company in India, announced that it has commenced sales of Biogen’s multiple sclerosis (MS) portfolio in India based on a collaboration agreement between Eisai India’s parent company Eisai Co., Ltd. (“Eisai”) and Biogen Inc. (“Biogen”)for India and other Asian countries.
Under the agreement, Eisai distributes and books sales for Biogen’s MS treatments, AVONEX® (interferon beta1a), TYSABRI®  (natalizumab), TECFIDERA® (dimethyl fumarate) and PLEGRIDY®  (peginterferon beta-1a) in India.
According to MD of EISAI India Dr. Sanjit Singh Lamba the number of MS patients has increased in India in recent years. No survey has been done for MS Patients, but it is estimated that there are about ~200,000 MS patients in India. MS is being increasingly diagnosed due to an increase in the number of practicing neurologists and easy and affordable availability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
“We strive to work in areas of unmet medical needs and make available the support needed by patients and their families for coping with the disease. MS is one such unmet disease segment and providing the patients with necessary support, we can significantly improve the quality of life of patients and give them hope to live a better life,” Dr. S.S. Lamba said.
He further added, “CNS/Neuro-Psychiatry has been a therapeutic focus area for Eisai and we will continue to use our strengths in research and development. By partnering with other companies to create and bring medicines to the country, we seek to improve and enhance the quality of life of patients and their families.”
Commenting on the low awareness of MS, Mr. Saumil Mody, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Eisai India, said” Not many people are aware about MS or understand its challenges. Lack of awareness about the disease and its symptoms, associated social stigma, lack of skilled professionals, as well as limited access to the latest advancements in technologies among the rural population result in a majority of cases going undiagnosed. Our aim is to help address these challenges and enable patients and their families to live a better life.”
MS is an intractable disease and can only be handled by managing the symptoms, being physically active and medications that aid in delaying the progression of disease. If left untreated, patients may eventually develop severe and irreversible disabilities.
MS is an autoimmune disorder where the body’s immune system starts attacking the protective s heath covering the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. MS is one of the most common neurological disorders and reason for disability in young adults. The cause of MS is yet unknown and as yet there is no cure, though there are treatments available that can help some forms of MS.
For further information please contact: Shraddha R. Singh Mobile: +91-9920977618 Email:

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