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Infuse new blood: Kishore Deo tells Congress

B Narayana Rao 
The Congress’s debacle in recent polls has triggered off a rush of debate and introspection within the party. A raft of senior party leaders has begun to openly air their views on the party leadership and the need for a makeover.
Senior Congress leader and former Central Minister Mr Kishore Chandra Deo, known for his loyalty to the party and closeness to the Gandhi family, strongly feels that the party should infuse new blood at all levels.
In-fact at one stage Ms. Sonia Gandhi was very keen that he be made the Speaker of Lok Sabha but circumstances went against Mr Deo.
Mr Kishore is usually reticent when it comes to party policies. But, after the recent polls, Mr Deo, after interacting with a cross-section of people across the country, has aired his views on the future of the party during an telephonic interaction with VIS News Service from Delhi.
Despite the party’s poor show in the recent polls, Mr Deo still firmly believes that Congress is still the single national party in the country, having strong base from the grass-root level all over the country. He also believes that only the Congress party can steer the country to the prosperity it deserves and realise the hopes and dreams of the people.
“It is right now that we (the party) should start preparations to face the 2019 elections. For this, there is a need to change the leadership at all levels. At present, the party is ruled by a group of 20-25 leaders—they are having total control over the party. When the party is either in power or opposition, these leaders have been playing crucial role in framing the party policies,” he said.
In the same vein, he felt: “the need of the hour is to bring in a whiff of new leadership. And, for this, these leaders, who are working in the AICC, should be given a rest.”
The formula should be implemented in all states, including Andhra Pradesh, at all levels of the party, right down to the village level.
Mr Deo said the TDP, which came to power about two years ago with lot of hype, has failed to fulfil its poll promises and meet the aspirations of the people. In this scenario, there is a more urgent need to revive the Congress party in the State. “Unfortunately, some of the Congress leaders of AP are working against the interest of the party and furtively towing the line of opposition, the YSRCP, led by Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy.”
Without mentioning any name, he said it is vital to change the in-charge of party affairs in AP to revive the party’s fortunes in the State and bring back the lost glory.”

Why this silence, Bandaru?
Mr Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy, former Minister and TDP MLA (Parwada), has been known for his candidness while talking about issues plaguing the industries in his constituency and the city and his constituency. But, nowadays, he is maintaining a deafening silence, prompting his followers and party leaders to wonder whether the cat has got his tongue. Why this silence, Mr Bandaru?—this question is doing the rounds in political circles.
It may be recalled that Mr Murthy had been expectantly looking for a ministerial berth or TTD board membership after the party came to power in 2014 elections. But, both the posts eluded him.
Of late, he is reported to be unhappy over the TDP’s move to bring Mr Gandi Babji, former MLA from Congress, into the party folds. Mr Babji is known to be his arch rival. Despite opposition from Mr Bandaru, the TDP supremo Mr Chandrababu Naidu went ahead in inducting Mr Babji into the party.
Now, Mr Bandaru has apparently chosen to focus only on his constituency and solving the people’s problems.
Ganta’s son to enter politics?
The stage appears to be set for Mr Ganta Revi Teja, young, charming son of the AP Minister for HRD, Mr Ganta Srinivasa Rao, to walk the political ramp. Mr Teja has already become the icon of the youth in the area and they are keenly looking up to his leadership. Keeping an eye on the forthcoming GVMC polls in October, Mr Ravi Teja is priming himself to enter into active politics. He is treading the beaten path of taking up social service programmes, as a prelude to his plunge into politics. Talks are that the junior Ganta is eying the mayoral post in Visakhapatnam, with his community back-up. Apparently, he has the blessing of his father, who is playing a key role in the State and district politics. Teja being a charmer also reportedly enjoys the patronage and blessings of leaders from all walks of social and political spectrum.

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