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Nara Lokesh does a 1st, brings Google X to state

Giving a superior push to high speed internet and broadband in the sunrise state the government of Andhra Pradesh’s fibregrid arm APSFL and Google X has co-signed a land mark agreement.
Google X Development LLC, known as Google X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory that works on new cutting edge technologies such as self-driving cars is said to dramatically boost AP’s digital infrastructure.
Google X will initially supply AP state with 2,000 FSOC links. Google X engineers and experts in AP will work together with APSFL (Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited) personnel identifying and selecting suitable sites for deployment of the FSOC links. As a part of the partnership and to provide real time support for smooth operating of this project, Google X will also set up a local office with the help of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Speaking at the collaboration ceremony in the United States, Mr Nara Lokesh, Minister of IT, government of AP stated, “The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to bring high speed internet and broadband connections to about 12 million households and 130000 enterprises (govt. and private) by March 2019. Our government has always championed advanced technology solutions for the greater good of the people of Andhra Pradesh and we are thrilled as APSFL and Google X are joining forces.”
Further emphasizing on the importance of broadband, Mr Nara Lokesh said that Broadband will not only help citizens connect with their friends, family and communities but also use the online tools and information to help find jobs, start businesses, access healthcare, education and financial services.
An official press release stated that the government faced hindrances in connecting isolated and difficult terrain, forest areas, river crossings, railway crossings viz a viz the remotest reaches of the state with broadband connections. It’s to over-come these challenges APSFL has entered this agreement with Google X who as the innovation partner will deploy their FSOC (Free Space Optical Communication) technology.
This association of AP FiberNet with Google X labs to implement FSOC in AP is said to be first of its kind in the world to provide wireless internet connection at a higher speed of upto 20Gbps and to a distance of upto 20kms. If the implementation of this project in the state of Andhra Pradesh is successful, FSOC can be taken forward to provide network connection to the remotest reaches of the world said the release. Andhra Pradesh has more than 15000 towers without fiber connectivity and relies on microwave links to maintain voice & 2g data service.
“We’re delighted to be partnering with AP FiberNet on this promising innovation that could overcome some of the longstanding challenges of getting high speed internet too hard to reach areas, and looking forward to helping them make the benefits of the web more accessible to more people in Andhra Pradesh.” said entrepreneur scientist Astro Teller, “Captain of Moonshots” at Google X. The high level delegation at the event also included A. Babu, MD of APSFL (Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited), Raju Indukuri, Chairman of GTEN, AP Economic Development Board and Hari Prasad Vemuru, Technology Advisor to Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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