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Tourism, Manufacturing & IT focus areas: Hari Babu

Adi Singh

Visakhapatnam: Newly elected Lok Sabha MP from Visakhapatnam, Dr K Hari Babu has made his priorities clear for the city stating that industrial development in the sectors of Manufacturing, Tourism and IT is where he sees immense potential for bringing Vizag to the main stage of economic development.
Speaking to ViS he said that there is an imminent need to augment manufacturing capabilities in order to spur job creation.
On IT exports from the city which are a mere INR 1200 crores compared to the astounding INR 62000 crores of Hyderabad the member of parliament said that one of his immediate tasks was to increase the city’s export figures from the current to INR 10,000 crores over the next 3 years.
Dr Hari Babu stated that he would closely interact with the representatives of the IT industry in making this possible.
Stating tourism to be his pet theme he talked about ‘Contrast Tourism’ wherein tourists could stay by the sea while also stay on the hills. He cited hill resorts as an attractive feature.
Dr Hari Babu also highlighted the neighbouring Lambasingi to be an ideal place during winters. ‘People visit North India to get a feel of the winter this place witnesses temperatures as low as 1C in winter’ he said however adding that infrastructure needs to be ramped up.
He also spoke about the Metro Rail which has been mentioned in the AP re-organization bill and said it will be taken forward.

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