Andhra Pradesh ranks 1st in India BPO scheme


The state of Andhra Pradesh became the 1st state in the country to provide direct jobs to 10,365 locals under the India BPO promotion scheme.

The India BPO Promotion Scheme (IBPS) approved under Digital India Programme looks to incentivize BPO/ITES Operations across the country for creation of employment opportunities for the youths and growth of IT-ITES Industry.

‘We have put in a lot of effort in making AP the no 1 state by achieving the 10365 employment figure’ stated STPI’s Joint Director, MR MP Dubey speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

The scheme seeks to incentivize establishment of 48,300 seats in respect of BPO/ITES operations across the country and is distributed among each State in proportion of State’s population with an outlay of Rs. 493 Crore.


“We have put in a lot of effort in making AP the no 1 state by achieving the 10365 figure”

                                                        –Mr MP Dubey

                                          Joint director, STPI, Vizag

Some of the salient features of the scheme include:

  1. Financial Support: Up to 50% of expenditure incurred on BPO/ITES operations towards capital expenditure (CAPEX) and/or operational expenditure (OPEX) on admissible items, subject to an upper ceiling of Rs. 1 Lakh/Seat.
  2. Special incentives towards employment of women & specially abled persons.
  3. Incentive for generating employment beyond target & wider dispersal within state including rural areas.
  4. Encouragement for local entrepreneurs.

Mr. Dubey added that STPI has been working closely with the BPO/ITES Industry here in creating the right ecosystem while addressing their recruiting challenges.

Highlights of IBPS:

Creation of employment opportunities for the youth, by promoting the IT/ITES Industry particularly by setting up the BPO/ITES operations.

Promotion of investment in IT/ITES Sector in order to expand the base of IT Industry and secure balanced regional growth.

It is informed that this employment number is spread across 56 companies.

‘We aim to take this direct employment number to 35000 in the next two years’ informed Mr. Dubey. AP was earlier too ranked no 1 in terms of seat allocation however this time it is ranked no 1 in terms of actual employment Under the IBPS scheme.

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