Andhra’s Poultry industry seeks Govt. support


Andhra Pradesh’s poultry industry is considered to be a significant sector of growth and employment in the state.

As per the Andhra Pradesh Poultry Federation, the apex body of Poultry Farmers of Andhra Pradesh the poultry sector contributes Rs. 90,000 crores to national GDP and about Rs. 12,000 crores to A.P. State GDP. It is said that this industry in AP alone provides employment to about 6 lakh people.

‘The poultry industry in Andhra Pradesh is a major source of employment and in fact AP is the largest producer of Eggs in the country’ said Mr Suresh Chitturi, Chairman of International Egg commission speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

However lack of adequate funding, high feed costs and in particular the COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on this industry.

During the pandemic many halted the consumption of poultry presuming it to be linked to COVID-19. ‘This false presumption/speculation had a cascade effect on our industry’ said Mr Chitturi who is also the Managing Director of Srinivasa farms.

He estimates the industry to have lost revenues of about Rs 25000 crores during the last 2-3 months pan India.

As per industry sources the production cost of chicken at the farm gate is Rs 75/kilo and during the initial lockdown and paranoia chicken was selling at a diminutive Rs 10/kilo.

“We need the state government’s support as other states are incentivising the growth of the poultry industry in their respective region”.     

                                                                                                                            Mr Suresh Chitturi                         Chairman , International Egg Commission


Supply is said to have significantly shrank by nearly 40-50% in the state.

Similarly while the production Cost of an Egg is said to be Rs 3.85, during the lockdown it was selling at a mere Rs 1.5/egg.

Government Support

Although the state government had given Rs 50 crores in its maiden budget to the poultry industry the sector is seeking more help and support.

Some of the demands from the state government include clearing bills worth Rs 46 crores, providing maize at subsidised rates.

‘The state government needs to do more for this industry because AP might lose out to other states that are incentivising the growth of the poultry industry in their respective geographies’ said Mr Chitturi.

He opines that the industry has been neglected and needs quick government intervention. ‘Aquaculture/Marine is being given more prominence to Poultry. Albeit Aquaculture is important we too are an important sector. We have made numerous representations to the government and hope that the government takes cognizance of our demands’ said Mr Chitturi.

Poultry as a sector:

  • Contributes Rs. 90,000 crores to national GDP

  •  Rs. 12,000 crores to A.P. State GDP

Mr Chtturi goes onto state that the consumption of poultry is a vital way of enhancing one’s Vitamin D. ‘Even WHO has recommended the consumption of Poultry’ stated Mr Chitturi.

The AP poultry federation had recently written a letter to the chief minister explaining the industry’s situation.

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