APITA is undertaking mass training in core IT Tech


Skill training and up skilling has been one of the key focus areas of the CM Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy and it is thus that the government is making every effort in accomplishing this mammoth task. 

One such department which is mandated with this crucial charge of training youth in core IT services is APITA i.e. Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy. The academy’s objective is to bridge the urban rural divide in producing readily employable graduates while provide a conducive environment for learning through value addition programs. 

It therefore develops and offers courses in IT, Electronics and Communications in collaboration with Industry and Academia. 

There are an estimated 2792 technical and non-technical colleges in Andhra Pradesh out of which over 400 colleges and 45000 students are registered with APITA. 

‘We at APITA have already trained over 35000 students’ informed APITA’s CEO, Mr Anil Kumar Tentu speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan. 

APITA bags Best Edtech award

Leading IT giant Infosys is one of the major recruiters at APITA. ‘Infosys alone has recruited over 4000 students from APITA last year’ said Mr Tentu. 

He further informed that the Academy is also in talks with other IT giants to come and recruit from them. 

APITA also has a slew of Industry alliances that impart practical training. Some of these trainings are in AR and VR, certification on AWS, cloud computing, cyber security, UX design etc. 

Another important initiative of the association is ARC which has been rechristened digital libraries by the CM. 

‘The CM has major plans for these digital libraries wherein he envisions all the village and ward secretaries to have one digital library. We thus should have about 33000 digital libraries in the next 4 months’ highlighted Mr Tentu. 

Digital libraries aim to enable an integrated learning experience to both engineering and non-engineering undergraduates and people interested in Information Technology & Electronics as a discipline. 

These libraries shall provide tools to enhance the skill sets of students by providing access to books and digital resources. In fact APITA was recently awarded the Best Edtech of the year at the education excellence awards, the ceremony for which shall take place on Nov 13th 2021. 

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