AP’s GDP imp. for India at USD 5 trillion: Mekapati


    AP’s minister for  Industries, Commerce, and Information Technology, Mr Mekapati Goutham Reddy was recently in the capital to participate in the coveted World Economic Forum summit.

     Representing the state of AP in a crucial panel discussion Mr Reddy stated that despite the lack of funds the state is bravely moving forward with a quest for development.

     Apprising the gathering on the eclectic social enhancing schemes the government of AP has undertaken he said that the government also has a strong focus on industrial growth and trade.

“Transparency is Paramount People want to invest and transact in a transparent manner”

       Transparency is Paramount People want to invest and transact in a transparent manner said the minister. It is for this reason we have a hawk eye focus of bringing in transparency by initiating policies that will negate malfeasance.

       He informed that the state has been working on establishing 31 MSME clusters wherein 13 districts are being converted into industrial zones.

       The Minister also envisioned a more robust contribution from the state of AP in making India achieve the lionized USD 5 trillion mark.

       ‘Currently Andhra Pradesh contributes USD 180 billion to the country’s GDP and stands in the ninth position. The government is trying to improve its position, which in turn would help the growth of the country’s GDP’ said Mr Reddy.

       He further informed that investors have already showed interest in Andhra Pradesh. ‘We are giving utmost priority to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)’ said the Minister.

     The minister also underscored the fact that nations from across the world have showed their keenness for investing in AP.

Youth are key

          Laying emphasis on the youth of AP the minister stated that the government has made it a focus to skill the youth of Andhra. He spoke on the 75% jobs for local and as to how this would enhance skill development among them. This he said would in turn benefit industry.

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