AP’s workforce should match the Best

AP's Worl force MGR pic

With automation posing a glaring threat to jobs it is pertinent the governments across the world are involved in not only up skilling their workforce but also making sure that there are jobs available for them to be placed in. 

This is exactly why the government of Andhra Pradesh has a hawk eye focus on skill development and training. 

“The Quality of our work force should not only be best in AP but at par with any international benchmark” said the AP’s Industry, IT and skill development minister Mr Mekapati Goutham Reddy. 

Addressing the Vizag Industrial Scan webinar on Destination Andhra Pradesh aptly supported by Sri City, the Industries minister spoke on a slew of sectors from skill development to Industrialization to women empowerment to EV policy etc. 

He minced no words in identifying skill development as one of their government’s core area of focus and transformation. 

‘We have undertaken a mammoth task of skill development and training and you will see the benefits of this in the long term’ said the minister. 

He identified the 30 skill development institutes that are slated to come up and how they would enhance employability. “We need to bring up our level of Skillmanship and workmanship” said the industries and skill development minister. 

The minister also touched upon the reforms in the academic space too and how changes are being made there. “The CM has taken the initiative to reform the education system and schooling systems starting right from primary level to college and then skilling. This is a whole chain that is being looked into” said Mr Goutham Reddy. 

“We are bringing discipline in incentives. We are not just throwing out incentives to attract businesses. Once we commit to something, we have to abide by it hence we need to make sure it is sustainable”. 

                                   Mr Mekapati Goutham Reddy,  Industries, IT and skill development minister                                                                                                                                                                                                    Talking on the need of having world class infrastructure the minister highlighted Sri City as a prime example and stated “We need to have multiple Sri Cities in the coming days” 

The minister also stressed on the cost of doing business and how costs need to be brought down in order to be competitive. “Not just ease of doing business we need to be no 1 in the cost of doing business too by substantially bringing down our costs” said the minister. 

Women Empowerment 

Another aspect that the minister emphasised the government’s focus on is Women Empowerment. 

In today’s world no society can progress without women empowerment. A lot of reforms are being taken up in this sector. Women empowerment is at the forefront of our development informed the minister. 

The minister opined that the state of Andhra Pradesh still has a lot of scope of industrialization. 

“Our penetration of Industrialization is still not that high. We are still majorly an agrarian state” said the Industries minister. He said that the state has natural advantages going for it such as a long coastline, presence of ports and easier access to international markets. He also cautioned on the way incentives are sometimes doled out to attract business and that incentives shouldn’t hurt the state’s economics. 

“We are bringing discipline in incentives. We are not just throwing out incentives to attract businesses. Once we commit to something we have to abide by it hence we need to make sure it is sustainable” said the minister. 

EV Policy 

Talking on the Electronic vehicles policy the minister informed that this is the future and we need to start preparing towards it. “We are in the process of creating a road map for the state in EV policy. We are first gearing up to have the right kind of infrastructure for this, he said.”  

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