Brandix Lanka to be Net Zero Carbon by 2023

Brandix Lanka

The apparel industry plays a significant role in an economy as it not only creates huge employment but is an important source of foreign exchange earnings for a country. However the apparel industry is also an industry wherein sustainability plays a paramount role as the sector is expected to reduce the adverse effects it causes to the environment.

From being one of the largest consumers of water to the use of various hazardous chemicals and discharge of harmful waste the industry has the onus of being environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Therefore it is crucial that big apparel manufacturers take the lead and show a way that is not only profitable for their shareholders but is simultaneously sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Making huge strides in its sustainability drive is Brandix Lanka. With over 50 years of experience in Apparel manufacturing in Sri Lanka and providing solutions to renowned brands across the world the company has been vigorously accelerating its sustainability drive over the years.

‘We are well on our way to become net zero carbon by 2023 for all our facilities in Sri Lanka’ said Ms Naadia Buhary, sustainability lead, Brandix apparel limited, speaking at Brandix’s first ever sustainability summit.

‘We have seen a 84% drop in our carbon footprint from over 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions/million USD in 2007/08 to less than 50 MT in 2019/20’.  Ms Naadia Buhary, 

Sustainability lead,

Brandix apparel limited

Highlighting the organization’s achievements in its sustainability drive she pointed ‘We have seen a 84% drop in our carbon footprint from over 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions/million USD in 2007/08 to less than 50 MT in 2019/20’.

The company is said to work on a sustainability framework which encompasses the 3 main components i.e. Air, Water and earth.

‘There has been an 84% reduction in GHG emissions, 29% reduction in occupant water consumption and 91% of our waste is recycled and reused’ cited Ms Naadia.

Brandix’s journey to Net Zero Carbon:

Aims to be 100% renewable energy by 2023 currently stands at 67%

Solar PV: 9MW across 12 facilities

11MW in Sri Lanka by 2023

13 MW in India by 2025

Uses 100% biomass for its boilers

Similarly the company has been aggressive in its use of renewable energy with solar energy leading the way. The organization has Solar PV of 9MW across 12 facilities which it aims to take to 11MW in Sri Lanka by 2023 and 13 MW in India by 2025. It also uses 100% biomass for its boilers.

Although the company currently uses 67% of renewable energy it aims to become 100% renewable energy by 2023.

‘These goals actually help the organization in the long run and what is important is that our leadership is equally inclined in getting this done’ said Ms Naadia.

The Brandix sustainability summit saw an expert line up of speakers share their valuable thoughts and ideas on the theme ‘Towards a Net Zero Future – Translating Targets to Action’.  

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