Caution Alert


   An Innovative startup in the Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh has come out with a life saving device that helps in detecting live wires.

   Electrocution is a huge menace in the forest areas where live wires have been placed by tribals and farmers to stop wild animals from coming into their farms.

   However this often leads to many human fatalities wherein humans unaware of the live wires get electrocuted while patrolling these areas.

    Kuppam Electro solutions has thus developed a product which can detect these live wires from a distance thereby alerting people of the danger.

    It was in 2019 that the founders Prof Nanda Kishore and Prof Ajay Kumar Reddy along with 2 students of Kuppam enginnering college participated in an innovation challenge conducted by AIC and WWF-India. It was here that WWF-India presented them with this problem statement and they got working on a solution.

    ‘The panel was so impressed by us that we won the challenge’ said Prof Nanda Kishore.

   Incubated at AIC SKU the startup’s Live Wire Detector (LWD) gives a warning of uncovered high voltage from a protected distance.

   The solution (LWD) comprises of a combination of software and hardware package that helps detect hidden live wires laid deep beneath the ground.

    ‘Detecting the live wire danger the device starts to alarm from a distance of 7-8 meters and as you get closer the beep of the device gets louder’ informed Prof. Nanda Kishore.

    The device was also put to test in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh apprised the founder.

    Impressed with the prototype WWF-India placed an order of 100 devices of which the startup has already built 50.

    ‘In these 50 devices WWF-India has advised us certain changes and modifications which we are now working on’ said Prof. Nanda Kishore.

    He further informs that the product is now been promoted in other countries and has already got a new order from Cambodia.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founder Name: S.Nanda Kishor, P. Ajay Kumar Reddy, G.N.Kodandaramaiah, K Ramesh, K.T.Rithin

Team: 5 Members

Incubated/Started (Year and City): 2019, Chitoor

Industry / Space : Electronics manufacturing 

Funding  Received : Bootstrapped

Looking for: Projects

Market of Operation: Worldwide

Revenues: NA

Claim to Fame: Winners of the ‘Innovation Event’ conducted by Atal Incubation Centre – Sri Krishnadevaraya University (AIC-SKU),  in partnership with WWF-India 

Company’s culture:

       Aggressive          Easy Going       Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): Mr.SAK Jilani(Mentor)inspired and helped us in all our works. The way he puts efforts in every single work is very inspiring. 

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