CII AP gives a 6 point agenda to new Govt.


Aditya Sabharwal

Congratulating YSRC  Chief Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy on his emphatic win in the 2019 assembly elections CII AP council has suggested a 6-point charter to further transform the economy of the state. 

These areas include promoting investments, accelerating growth in manufacturing sector, innovation led economy, education, skill development, reform in agriculture and infrastructure development.

There is a need to provide greater impetus to growth and promoting investment into the state said Mr Mr Vijay Naidu Galla,Chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh State Council to Vizag Industrial Scan.

For this, it is important that a consensus is arrived among all stakeholders to maintain fiscal prudence he said.

Secondly, stepping up manufacturing investment should be the key consideration to drive growth while providing productive job opportunities to the population in the state. Thirdly, a major intervention that industry would appreciate is developing the innovation-led economy for the future.

At a time when industry 4.0 has assumed center stage, it is imperative that technology is leveraged to help the State to emerge as a manufacturing hub and ensure basic services for citizens.

Fourthly, education and skills should continue to be major priority for the Government.    

Fifthly, Andhra Pradesh has achieved a significant success in the Primary sector. Productivity improvements and diversification have largely helped the state to show decent performance. In this regard, precedence should be given to significantly improve farmer’s income from the current level.

The sixth suggestion was on infrastructure development. This is the key to attract investments across the state and it will also help to be competitive in domestic and international markets. Greater impetus should be given to inclusive growth by engaging all stakeholders in the society said Mr Galla.

The CII AP Chairman said all these initiatives would help Andhra Pradesh to sustain its leadership in all spheres of development and also transform it as a Model State in the country.

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