Connecting Parcels to Travellers


    Have you ever wished if courier companies could be a bit more faster in their delivery mechanisms and not take days together to get stuff delivered at least for packages that don’t classify as cargo.

    Well this is exactly what Mr Dinesh Reddy thought when he started GoLintu.

    Incubated in APIS (Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society), this 18 month old startup began out with the objective of shipping goods faster (lighter parcels/couriers) via people who were taking the air route.

    So if you were on your way to Delhi and had forgotten your passport at home, the fastest way you could probably get it would be for a person taking the next flight to Delhi who could give it to you.

    This is where GoLintu connects. ‘Our motto is 5 times faster and 3 times cheaper’ said Mr Dinesh.

    When Dinesh came up with this idea he approached Mr PV Abhinav whom he had met through a common friend to team up and get this idea executed.

    Abhinav immediately liked the idea and they decided to start out.

   GoLintu was planning to expand their operations when the COVID-19 pandemic struck thereby bringing travel to a total halt and significantly affecting their business model.

    The startup however was quick to alter and adapt to the current situation and got into the Hyperlocal delivery space.

   ‘During the past 5 months we have helped deliver many essentials to customers from vegetables to medicines to raw materials’ stated Abhinav.

    The startup delivers goods that are less than 15 kilos and charge customers on a per km basis.

    ‘We have handled 10K orders just in Vizag alone in the past 6 months’ said the co-founder.

    The startup however looks to be an end-end logistics player offering services in Hyperlocal, domestic-pan India transportation and even international cross country shipments.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founder Name: Mr DV Dinesh Reddy

Co-Founder : Mr PV Abhinav

Team: 10

Incubated/Started (Year and City):  2019, Vizag

Industry / Space : On demand Logistics

Funding  Received : N/A. Bootstrapped

Looking for: Funding & Mentorship

Market of Operation: Vizag, Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Chennai

Revenues: < Rs. 10 lakhs

Claim to Fame:  Qualified among top 10 startups in Vizag by FICCI and XLR8 cohort

Company’s culture:

     Aggressive          Easy Going      Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): Nikola Tesla. It was his love for new ideas and inventions that really inspires me. Even though he failed number of times a lot of his inventions are still in use today benefitting a large audience.

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