Getting farmers Drone ready!


   Axpect agro technologies is a startup that focuses on the agri sector. The startup supplies drones to farmers that can be used to spray a range of nutrients, pesticides, organic liquids etc on their farms.

    The company aims to bring the latest technology to the lowest base of the agriculture pyramid i.e., the small and marginal farmers to augment agricultural production.
Having a penchant for technology and software Mr. K Srinivas Rao founded the company in 2017.
   Citing labour issues and deteriorating interest of young farmers to take up farming he says were some of the key drivers for him to get into this field.
    He stated that younger farmers who aren’t inclined to farming will now benefit from these drone as they will be better able to manage their farms and operate it with precision.
    The drone, he says, uses water and chemicals in a very cost effective way. Citing an example he said that generally farmers use up to 200 litres of water for a one acre of land. However, with the help of their drones, farmers will be able to bring that down to just 10 litres!
    We have a unique combination of spraying technology, said the founder.
    Operating with a team of 3, the company acquires the drone components and assembles them into Drones supplying it all over India. The founder stated that they have a unique configuration which sets them apart.
    With a starting price tag of Rs 2.5-3 lakhs for a 6 litre drone (their best selling model) they can be used for land sizes ranging from .25 acres to 100 acres.
The drone he stated is fully autonomous and is battery operated and one can control it through their mobile phone too.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founder Name : K Srinivas Rao

Team : 4

Incubated/Started (Year and City) :  2017, Vijayawada

Industry/Space :  Agro Tech

Funding : Self- Funded

Looking for : Government Funding (Grant in Aid)

Market of Operation : India

Revenues : NA

Claim to Fame : Got to present to the Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi during the Krishi Unnati Mela 2018

Company’s culture:

    Aggressive          Easy Going       Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): No person in specific. It was my desire to help farmers use technology in getting better yields for their farms.

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