Getting locked for the right reason!


Vijayawada based startup Alkholocks has introduced a solution to address the menace of drinking and driving.

Established last year Alkholocks has developed a device that gets installed in your vehicle and is connected to the vehicle’s ignition.

Therefore prior to starting your engine you would have to blow into the breath analyzer which will determine the level of alcohol in your body.

Thus the next time you get into your car having had more than the assigned limit of alcohol your vehicle wont start.

As per authorities the prescribed limit of alcohol present in your body should be no more than 0.3mg/dl.

The MOBILE APP is a cloud-based fleet management tool that tracks drunken driver behaviour and provides instant data for analysis.

Their product ranges from a complete management system to a standalone breath analyzer.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company:

Founder Name: Sri Ram NadhMandali

Age: 36

Team: 3 more partners + 10 members

Industry/Space: Automobile IoT

Funding: Not yet

Looking for: Funding to set up a manufacturing unit

Market of Operation: India

Revenues: Projected Rs 30 lakh for this fiscal

Claim to Fame: One patent filed. Received best innovator award from Vadodara Innovation Council

Company’s culture: Aggressive  Easy Going  Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): Aamir Khan in SatyamevJayate. It is this series that motivated me to start this.

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