GoAP invites Pvt. Sector in Food Processing


Calls for EoIs to develop Secondary Plug&Play units 

The Government of Andhra Pradesh intends to develop Secondary Plug and Play Food Processing Units, in proposed constituencies where related raw material is available in surplus. 

In the current scenario farmers produce is not always guaranteed to the desired demand and quality. The burden lies on the government to provide the MSP to the farmers and to store and distribute the yield. According to the state government the yield is either being under rated or being rotten in government godowns due to lack of channelization in distribution. Therefore to minimize post-harvest losses and to create modern infrastructure in secondary food processing the government (APFPS) has invited expression of interest from reputed companies for the operation and maintenance of secondary food processing units. 

Cos must have minimum 5 years real time experience in Food, Agri, Dairy or Aqua processing 

Cos with global footprints shall be preferred

Last Date of EoI submission: July 10th, 2021

Sources told Vizag Industrial Scan that the government’s main criteria of this new policy is to involve MNC players with an established market, having National/ International presence of processing a diverse distribution and customer chain. 

Also as part of the new processing food policy GoAP will develop secondary food processing infrastructure with ready to operate plug & play units in each parliamentary constituency summing up to forty-two (42) product specific units. 

These processing units will be built in accordance with the current processing trends and modern infrastructure meeting global standards. 

The risk of Capital investment towards establishment of these units is to be taken up by the State Government. They will be given on lease for a fixed term basis the fixed lease amount and/or revenue sharing basis which shall be decided in the selection process during the RFP stage.  

Eligible MNC’s who have expertise in handling bulk volumes capable of absorbing the surplus volume shall be given preference. These companies with established markets shall operate the secondary food processing units to absorb the maximum surplus. 

This system will create a Win- win situation for farmers and industries both as govt shall establish the requisite industry/ processing unit/ factory and supply raw materials to them, saving the industries from the capital cost and the private industries will operate the units, market and sell the produce. 

The EoI document along with the Project information can be accessed from http://apfps.com/ and the last date for submitting EoIs is July 10th 2021. You can also write to fps-ap@nic.in for further details. 

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