GoI’s Scheme for Central Excise and Service Tax Evaders


In order to spread awareness of the Government of India’s “SabkaVishwas Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme”, the Visakhapatnam CGST Commissionerate has planned a series of Outreach programmes at Divisional level and Head Quarters level of Viskhapatnam CGST Commissionerate.

‘‘Scheme is a one time measure for liquidation of past disputes of central excise and service tax’’

As per a release from the department The “SabkaVishwas Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme” aims to resolve the issues relating to legacy taxes Viz. Central Excise and Service Tax. Some of the issues the scheme covers include:

(i) Where a single appeal arising out of an order is pending as on 30.06.2019.

(ii) Where a show causenotice under any of the indirect tax enactment has been received by the declarant on or before 30.06.2019.

(iii) Where an enquiry or investigation or audit is pending against the declarant, the amount of duty payable under any of the indirect tax enactment which has been quantified on or before 30th day of June, 2019;

(iv) Where the amount has been voluntarily disclosed by the declarant, then, the total amount of duty stated in the declaration;

(v) Where an amount in arrears relating to the declarant is due, the amount in arrears.

Applicants under this scheme are eligible for relief of tax ranging from 40% to 70% and full waiver of interest and penalty. The scheme starts from 01.09.2019 for a period of four months till 31.12.2019 said the release.

The department stated that all tax payers of Visakhapatnam CGST Commissionerate coming under the ambit of this scheme should avail the facility and settle their Central Excise and Service Tax disputes.


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