India needs to be a net exporter of Steel


    The Minister of  Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel Mr Dharmendra Pradhan reiterated that Steel usage in India is set to rise and that the “Ispati Irada” campaign was launched for brand building and enhancing the usage of steel in the country.
    He said that there is proposal to invest Rs 100 lakh crore in infrastructure, which will involve lot of steel consumption.
    The Indian economy is consumption-driven, and as the economy size increase, the steel consumption is going to get big impetus said the union minister of steel.
   Speaking about India’s ambition to be a net exporter, Minister Pradhan said, “There is no reason, why we can’t be a net exporter in steel sector. For our nation to develop, we must promote domestic industry and be a net exporter of steel.”
    He called on the steel industry to promote localization and urged the industry to think about pooling their resources and developing the common carrier facilities.
   The minister was addressing the ISA Steel Conclave 2019 organised by Indian Steel Association in New Delhi recently.
Green Steel
    The minister also called for the Industry to deploy technology, innovation in order to develop a environment friendly processes.
    “As a responsible nation, we are contributing towards mitigating climate change. We have set an ambitious plan of achieving 450GW capacity of renewable energy.
    I appeal to the industry to work towards achieving the mission of “Green Steel” said the minister.

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