‘Industry should learn using LD slag from other countries’


Ms Ruchika Chaudhry Govil, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Steel, said that non-usage of LD slag is a growing problem and the industry needs to learn from other countries’ experiences.

Speaking at a conference on ‘Promoting Awareness and Usage of Iron & Steel Slag – Ushering in a New Era’, organised by FICCI in partnership with Ministry of Steel, Ms Govil said that the government will facilitate in experience sharing.

 “If the world is producing LD slag and this waste material has an economic value and is being used by other countries. Instead of inventing the wheel all over again, we need to have information sharing and collaboration. Ministry of Steel will be happy to act as a facilitator,” she said.

 LD slag, a by-product of a steel making process, is not being used in India unlike the blast furnace slag which is being commercially used in several applications mainly by cement manufacturers.

 Ms Govil said that the Indian steel industry is looking at 300 million tonnes capacity by 2030 from the current capacity of about 140 million tonnes and this growth will only increase the production of both blast furnace and LD slag from the current 27 million tonnes and 12 million tonnes per annum, respectively.

 “LD slag has posed a problem for us as it is not being used at all. The LD slag has been accumulating over the years,” she said, urging the industry to highlight the stumbling blocks and submit their comments invited by a task force constituted to identify usage of slag in the next two weeks.

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