Kakinada Chamber of Commerce calls for doubling Rlwy Sidings

Rail sidings

   The Kakinada chamber of commerce has called for the doubling of the railway sidings keeping in mind the burgeoning rice exports from the Kakinada anchorage port.

   Kakinada chamber of commerce popularly known as Cocanada has said that currently there are 5 railway sidings and they want this to be increased to 10.

   ‘We have requested the South central railways for this and they are currently carrying out feasibility studies for the same’ informed Mr Raghavulu, President of the Kakinada Chamber of Commerce speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

   The Kakinada anchorage port is the main port for rice exports from this region. In the last fiscal close to 2 million tons of rice was exported from here while in the current fiscal the association is forecasting an export volume of 4 million tons.

   ‘With the approval of labour we have also started rice loading from Kakinada seaports limited’ said Mr Raghavulu.

   Most of the rice comes from the state of Chhattisgarh wherein sizable volumes are exported to West Africa.

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