Making SMEs Analytically Smarter

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Innovative tools like Business Intelligence and AI can well be used to help businesses and organizations analyze their operations and sales in a much more efficient and time saving manner.

Acculytixs, founded by Mr Vinay Raju aims to do just that by helping SMEs realize their true potential by assisting them analyze their data more effectively.

As most of the softwares available in the market were high-end and costly Mr. Raju identified a gap for these niche services. 

With the Motto ‘We convert uncertainty into a usage probability to the world of business’, Mr Raju developed multiple products using the BI and AI systems which are available for companies at low cost.

‘The main objective of these products is to help MSMEs become more analytically driven and achieve better performance through utilization of data. We wish to bring AI and analytics to every part of your business’ said Mr Raju.

Mr Raju informs that typically, BI deployment takes around 3-6 months costing approx. 50 lakh; whereas Acculytixs takes just 3-4 days as everything is pre-defined.

Acculytixs products come with plug and play features with pre-defined dashboards, KPIs, and metrics. As per the founder Acculytixs products can be integrated with any backend technology already in use by the company. There are 12 products for different segments such as supply chain, retail, jewellery, financial, transport, etc. The Risk Analytics Suites are for high-end clients informing them about the risk if any.

‘With customisation, the time may increase to a week max. It is also easy for the MSMEs to use these products as it is cost effective’ said Mr Raju.

With the use of Microsoft BI, Acculytixs has also created three interesting apps: OneRoof, Celeb2Fan and Way2Party.

With two customers in Vietnam and one in Cambodia, Acculytixs plans to launch in India soon in the next few months.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founder Name: Mr Vinay Raju

Team: 16 members

Incubated/Started (Year and City):  October, 2018.

Industry / Space : Technology Company

Funding  Received : Self-Funded

Looking for: Visibility

Market of Operation: Across the globe

Revenues: $20,000

Claim of Fame: any certifications / awards:  ISO Certified | Start Up India | AP Innovation Society

Company’s culture:

     Aggressive          Easy Going        Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): Mr. Michael Schumacher, the Formula One Driver. It is his very down to earth and humble attitude that inspires me.

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