‘More than 80% of India’s dredgers come from Netherlands’


     Netherlands plays a key economic role in Europe especially in the Maritime sector. It is stated that 70% of Netherlands is under sea level!

    Thus it is no surprise that the Kingdom of Netherlands has a strong maritime infrastructure, the port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and in fact once used to be the busiest port. Though now not the busiest it still is one of the top ports in the world catering significantly to the trade in Europe. ‘Majority of the exports bound for Europe enter from the port of Rotterdam’ said Mr Ajay Justin Odathekal, Trade and Investment Commissioner for the Netherlands Business office.

     The country is also known for its dredgers. ‘More than 80% of the Dredgers in India come from Netherlands’ informed Mr Odathekal.

    The trade and investment commissioner added that there are good opportunities to be explored by Indian and Netherland companies one of them being in the ports and Logistics space.

   ‘Take the opportunity of dredger manufacturing Netherland companies can significantly help Indian companies make in India either thru the ToT or JV route’ said Mr Odathekal.

   Similarly opportunities also lie in the areas of tide prediction, design of ports and other related activities. Inland waterways is another key sector where both regions could collaborate in.

Marine Exports to EU

    While the port of Rotterdam is an important port in Europe many Indian Marine exporters have faced problems due to the stringent EU norms. It is informed that 50% of Indian exports to EU are screened whereas just about 8%-10% from South eastern countries.

‘EU has very stringent norms for antibiotic content.  We are making a conscious effort to address this by educating and creating awareness camps for farmers here’ said the trade commissioner.

    He further stated that they have also taken entrepreneurs from India to Netherlands to showcase them the processing industry there. ‘In the EU-India shrimp dialogue held in 2018 around 14 sea food exporters from India attended’ said Mr Odathekal.

   A Dutch company named Deheus is looking to set up a feed factory in AP next year in 2020.


    On innovation and startups he informed that Netherlands is one of the most innovative countries. ‘It has a good startup policy and very conducive startup ecosystem’ stated the commissioner.

    The two most coveted sectors for startups in Netherlands are in serious gaming and medical technology.

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