Odisha calls for investment from Mining & Metals industry


   Odisha’s minister Minister for Steel & Mines and Works, Mr Prafulla Kumar Mallik has urged the Mining and Metals industry to participate in greater volumes in the state. He also said that Odisha offers immense opportunities for the industry with a flexible and supporting administration.  

   Addressing the virtual session on FICCI Policy Round Table with the Government of Odisha, Mr Mallik said that the Odisha has attracted one of the highest investments in many sectors during the pandemic.

   Odisha has successfully auctioned 31 mineral blocks including, iron ore, manganese, graphite, limestone within the stipulated timeframe. “I urge the industry to explore opportunities in the Odisha. The state has a flexible and supporting administration with skilled man-power and vast reserves of natural resources,” he said. The state also has excellent transportation and communication network, along with adequate power supply and investor-friendly environment, he added. 

    Mr Mallik also urged the existing companies to further expand their investments in the state. The mining and minerals industry can further aim to increase their capacity utilization by setting up the ancillary industries, he added. 

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