Prasada Rao, Imparting moral values in children


Aditya Sabharwal

Primary education in today’s day and age has become so competitive and technologically prone that premier schools outdo one another in order to attract parents (and their children) by advertising some of the most modern and fanciest technologies that the school has to offer.

Most of these schools often tend to forget the very basics of human teachings and learning’s that need to be inculcated in children at a very young age.

‘Unfortunately what is being taught to children in textbooks and in classrooms today is not that important’ says Mr B Prasada Rao, correspondent of the AU English medium high school and a former professor at AU with over 3 decades of teaching experience.

A student today needs to be taught the basics of human foundation. ‘Inculcating good habits, a good attitude in addition to certain curricular subjects like arithmetic and languages is all what a student needs to learn’.

Started in 2001 the AU English medium high school is a noble initiative to give children from not so privileged backgrounds access to affordable English education.

With just 100 students in 2001 to over 950 students today AU English medium high school has come a long way.  Classes here range from LKG to 10th grade.

A follower of Swami Vivekananada, Mr Rao says that education today needs to focus more on ‘man-making’. This he defines as to develop a child who is mentally and physically strong and can face the world.

‘The mind has enormous powers only if you know how to make it focus’ says Mr Rao.

He cites the Sanskrit word Chitha-Ekagratha which calls for tuning the mind to the cosmic mind. This he says has enormous power in understanding the past, present and the future.

Similarly, he lays emphasis on the importance of physical activity in children today. ‘Students in my school spend 50% of their time outdoors’ says Mr Rao.

‘When we were students it was like NCC training from doing traffic policing to rescuing people form natural calamities etc. These brought out leadership qualities in us. Where do you find such teachings today’ asks Mr Rao?

Allocated with only the land (for the school by AU in 2001) and no funding Mr Rao constructed the school with money from fees and help of some donations. He now plans to construct a separate hall for the students wherein more extracurricular activities can be carried out. Some of the city’s marquee corporates have provided funding to the school with names like Neekanti sea foods, Devi sea foods and Devi fisheries having made donations.

Mr Rao also appreciates the efforts of Vizag’s Member of Parliament, Dr K HariBabu for his generous contributions. From his MP allocation of funds, Dr K HariBabu has contributed Rs 48 lakhs towards the school since becoming the MP.

It is informed that the Vice President of India Mr Venkaiah Naidu also visited the school last year in April.

‘We want to promote Indian values in our students which enrich a student by having a strong body & mind and an overall good value system’ says Mr Rao.

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