“Reinstitute 17.5% additional pay to all Port officers”

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In order to bring uniformity in pay among all cadre officers of the port sector, the Major ports retired officers welfare federation has been demanding the central government to reinstitute the 17.5% special pay given to all officers.

As per the federation the periodicity of pay revision for the all the employees of major ports upto 1997 was same irrespective of their cadre. However in 2002 pay revision was granted once in 5 years for class III and IV employees in 2002 , and 2007 whereas for class I and II officers it has been done only once in 10 years.

‘Retired officers have been drawing lesser pension than their subordinates working under them as class III thus creating a major anomaly’ said Dr SV Bhaskara Rao, General Secretary of the major ports retired officers’ welfare federation.

As per Dr Bhaskar there are about 14000 officers in the port sector out of which about 7000 are retired.

In a recent meeting with the Secretary of Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways , Dr Sanjeev Ranjan, IAS the federation submitted a representation to him detailing the discrepancies that arise due to this segregation.

The representation stated that the special pay given at 17.5% for officers with effect of Jan 1st 2012 as adhoc interim relief is to be taken into consideration while fixing the basic pay with effect of Jan 1st 2017 as the ministry has assured that the same would be subsumed in the new PRC.

The very meaning of subsumed as per dictionary is to ‘include or absorb’ stated the letter given to Secretary, Ports shipping and waterways and added that the 17.5% granted by the ministry should be added to the basic pay as on 31st Dec 2016 and considered for fitment in the revised pay scales wef Jan 1st 2017. It is this that hasn’t been done thereby causing major discrepancies in the pay as per the federation.

And now that the pay revision has been segregated between officers, the Class III and IV officers are bound for revision in Jan 1st 2022 which the federation says will lead to glaring injustice to Class I and II officers.

The federation has thus requested the government to issue revised orders for treating the special pay of 17.5% to add to the basic pay as on 31st Dec 2016 for all purposes and then consider for fitment of 15% in the new PRC with effect from Jan 1st 2017 to all Class I and II officers including family pensioners.

They have also requested for the pay revision to be brought on par with Class III and IV employees to avoid future discrepancies.

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