Roasting Araku coffee the humble way


Araku Coffee is a pretty well coveted name among coffee lovers. However Vizagstartup Native Araku coffee isn’t just selling Araku coffee for its relinquished taste and name but intends to bring in the desired monetary benefits to the farmers who actually grow it.

It was a chance meeting in 2017 when founder Ram Kumar Varma met with a tribal farmer (seen in the photograph) who told him that even though the Araku coffee brand had become popular the farmers livelihood/ financial wellbeing still remained poor.

This touched an emotional chord with the founder and he decided to launch Native ArakuCoffe with one of the main objectives being that of bringing the right market price to the farmers.

Eliminating middle men from the process Native Araku Coffee claims their coffee to be 25% less than the market price. It is informed that the coffee is organically tested with certified laboratories.

Native ArakuCoffe is sold only through online and is shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep from the farmer. 

Going forward the company plans to set up a processing plant which will include roasting of 15-18 different coffee flavours from Araku coffee beans.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder

Founder Names: Ram Kumar Varma&AnushaVarma

Team: 2

Incubated/Started (Year and City): 2017, Vizag

Industry/Space: Agri farming/Food Processing

Funding: Self-Funded

Looking for: Funding

Market of Operation: Currently Domestic

Revenues: Average 12 lakhs P.A.

Claim to Fame: Supplied coffee to Spice Jet as part of AP tourism’s promotion push

Company’s culture: Aggressive Easy Going     Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspired me): A tribal farmer living in Araku valley for the last 48 years. What was inspiring to see was his simplicity while it was touching to hear that even though Araku coffee had caught the imagination of the world their income remained scarce. This motivated me to help their community and to get them the best price for their signature product.

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