Safeguarding Swim


Vizag based Saif Seas is an innovative startup that has designed a robotic rescue craft. The craft is used to rescue people who are at sea and are at the risk of drowning. Designed and developed in house by the team at Saif Seas it has already applied for a patent through NRDC.

How it works: Once placed on water the craft is remotely operated by a person who navigates it to the person to be rescued. Once it reaches the person (in need of help) he/she holds onto the craft and is then safely brought to shore.

With a current in sight range of 3kms the team is aiming to reach a speed of 7 knots plus and informs that this craft has both civil and defence applications to it.

The craft also comes with a water sport version which is operated with the help of a joystick.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founder Name: Mr Ahmed Shaikh Abdeally Calcuttawala

Co- Founders: Mr Taher Calcuttawala& Mr Aliasgar Calcuttawala

Industry/Space: Marine

Funding: Not yet

Looking for: Funding and Orders

Market of Operation: Worldwide

Revenues: N/A

Claim to Fame: Indian design and developed incubated during the Vizag Fintech Festival 2018

Company’s culture: Aggressive  Easy Going  MethodicalPTIM (Person that inspires me): A DRDO scientist really inspired me to develop this.

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