SE Asia tops VPT exports


The Asian region continues to be the top export destination for container cargo from Vizag. Out of the top 20 export destinations from Vizag 11 ports were from South East Asia. Ports like Busan, Inchon, Haiphong, Singapore, West port Klang were among the 11 ports.
Out of a total 90950 export containers shipped during the period Jan-June 2019, a total of 22106 TEUs (i.e. both 20 and 40 feet containers) were shipped to the top 11 South East Asian ports. Busan port in South Korea received 5610 TEUs from Vizag during the Jan-June 2019 period.
The Asian region was followed by Africa, Europe, North America and the Gulf region.
In terms of the commodities Ferro products topped the list followed by shrimp, rice, Aluminum ingots and steel products.
Marine products such as Shrimps remained the leader in 40 foot reefer containers.
Imports Similarly for imports into Vizag, South East Asian ports remained the top contributors wherein out of the top 20 import origin ports 10 ports were from south East Asia.

“With the work on terminal 2 going as per schedule we shall soon be ready with a capacity to handle 1.2 million TEUs”

                                                                                                                                – Mr PL Harnadh
                                                                                                                               Deputy Chairman, VPT

Ports like Shanghai, Xingang, Qingdao, Port Kelang, Dalian were among the top 10 South East Asian ports with Shanghai sending the highest TEUs i.e. 4519 to Vizag.
However the numero uno position was taken by Vancouver (Canada) wherein the most number of imports came into Vizag. There were a total of 4885 TEUs which came in from Vancouver during the Jan-June 2019 period.
In terms of container cargo Vizag remained an export surplus port with exports surpassing imports. There were a total of 90950 TEUs exported from Vizag compared to 84701 TEUs imported into Vizag.
‘With all the required infrastructure facilities such as draft, quay length and machinery available at Vizag, we can well become a transshipment hub on India’s east coast’ said the Deputy Chairman, VPT, Mr PL Harnadh.  
By the end of August mobile scanners for containers are said to become operational.
In fact simulation studies are being carried out by a Singaporean based firm to explore the opportunity of bringing in bigger container vessels which can carry upto 15000 TEUs.
‘Currently vessels with 42 meter beam and 320 meter LOA are can be berthed at the container terminal’ said Mr Harnadh.
And with the work on terminal 2 going as per schedule we shall soon be ready with a capacity to handle 1.2 million TEUs.

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