Steel Minister stresses on using Energy Efficient Methods

Oct 6 Faggan Singh Kulaste

Speaking at a webinar on Future of Indian Mining, Metals & Cement Industries- Decarbonization, Environment Management & Sustainable Solutions Minister of State in Steel & Rural Development, Government of India, Mr. Faggan Singh Kulaste, said, “Using energy-efficient methods to produce steel will not only reduce production costs but also improve competitiveness. This can be achieved through highly developed energy management systems and usage of the latest technologies in production process, to reduce our carbon footprint. Solutions like renewable energy, solar power and zero-liquid discharge, zero-waste approach would become the norm in the future”.

   Addressing the webinar organized by FICCI, the Minister said that, Government of India, with an objective to enhance energy efficiency in the sector is aggressively funding the projects focussed upon energy saving technologies and carbon reduction.

Govt. aggressively funding energy saving Technologies.

                                                               Mr. Faggan S Kulaste , Steel Minister

    Mr Kulaste noted that the Indian industry has been adopting technologies to reduce associated CO2 emissions via Carbon Capture & Storage and Carbon Capture & Utilization.

      The Minister said that the new emerging areas like use of natural gas, use of hydrogen, etc., also need to be explored so that Indian industries remain in pace with their global counterparts.

      Mr. Satendra Singh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Govt of India said that the country is one of the largest consumer markets in the world with capacity to consume large amounts of consumables that are likely to have components that are coming from mining or metal sector.

    “Newer technologies that are carbon free and environmentally sustainable present before us a good opportunity,” he said.

    Mr. SK Roongta, Mentor, FICCI Non-Ferrous Metals Committee and Non-Executive Chairman, BALCO, stated that the large level of energy requirement and emission of green-house gases like carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide and oxides of sulphur, among others, are a major cause of environment pollution from the mining activities,” he said.

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