Synergy Castings rolls out its new product


  India’s first global scale  100% export oriented aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing company, Synergy castings recently launched its new product-Magic black.
With new Premium ‘Black Chrome’ plated wheels, ‘Magic Black’ is manufactured using the World’s First Chrome Plating System and was recently launched at the world’s largest automotive show SEMA in Las Vegas.
   As per an official release from the company it stated that the extraordinary ‘Magic Black’ chrome finished wheels are as remarkable for their uncompromised quality, precision engineering, advanced materials and revolutionary manufacturing processes as they are for their stunning finish and looks. The new technology combines the best of traditional electroplating, and new age requirement for environmentally safe and compliant ‘black’ color. The Magic Black’ premium electroplating system is a full-fledged chrome plating process that guarantees a rich, lustrous, silky smooth chrome plated ‘black’ness. It follows the entire Copper-Nickel-Special Process-Chroming process, which ensures better corrosion resistance due to even deposition and performs better in all quality aspects, meets demand to eliminate Cr(VI), has unique warm dark homogeneous look, increases longevity, has excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and protects the metal from corrosion, chemical damage, and wear said the release.
    SYNERGIES manufactures alloy wheels for cars, the wheels from SYNERGIES are adorned on world-class car manufacturers like GM, Ford and Chrysler in USA and GM, Ford, Toyota, TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and Fiat amongst others in India.

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