The Burgeoning Rice exports from Kakinada


The anchorage port of  Kakinada is seeing a substantial increase in its rice exports (non-basmati).

The port exported 2 million tonnes of rice in the last fiscal and is looking to export at least 3 million tonnes by the end of this fiscal.

‘There has been a major increase in rice exports from Kakinada anchorage port. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic we were at work loading. Just night loading was halted but other day operations were on’ stated Mr Raghavulu, President of the Kakinada Chamber of Commerce speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

What is interesting is that more than 60% of the rice exported from the Kakinada anchorage port comes from outside AP from neighbouring states.

Rice Exports from India:

2019-20: 5 million tonnes

2020-21: 10 million tonnes (projected)

Rice Exports (Kakinada Anchorage Port):

2019-20: 2 million tonnes

2020-21: 3 million tonnes (projected)

Rice is exported as break bulk cargo wherein 90% of the rice exported from this port is said to be bound for West Africa.

‘Ours is a legacy port and rice has been exported from here since close to a century. Anchorage port is the best suited for rice exports’ opined Mr Raghavulu.

“There has been a major increase in rice exports from Kakinada anchorage port. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic we were at work loading . “

                                                                                                                                                                 Mr Raghavulu

                                                                                                           President, Kakinada Chamber of Commerce

Some of the other principal commodities of exports from this anchorage port include Maize, Cement etc. while Imports include edible oils. Albeit the country produced around 120 million tonnes of rice last fiscal just a small portion of this is exported.

Mr BV Krishna Rao, president of Rice Exporters Association informed that pan India the total non-basmati rice exported last fiscal was 5 million tonnes whereas this fiscal they are expecting to do 10 million tonnes of exports.

‘There has been 100% growth in rice exports between April-Nov 2020 period’ said Mr Rao.

“Non-basmati rice exported last fiscal pan India was 5 million tonnes whereas this fiscal we expect to do 10 million tonnes.”

                                                                                                                                                                  Mr BV Krishna Rao 

                                                                                                                             President of Rice Exporters Association

Infrastructure Bottleneck

As rice exports surge from Kakinada anchorage port, Mr Rao stated that the numbers could be more but for the infrastructure limitation at the anchorage port.

There are about 90 barges at the anchorage port with a total capacity of 35-38K tonnes of capacity.

‘There is a huge a bottleneck due to limited infrastructure at this port. And the problem is that most other ports don’t want this cargo as it is a slow moving cargo plus requires many other facilities like cleaning etc.’ informed Mr Rao.

Kakinada Anchorage Port is owned and operated by Govt. of A.P. It is the main gateway port for the rich agriculture belt of East Godavari, West Godavari and Krishna Districts of AP. The Port has a 100 year old history.

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