The Harbour comes to Vue at Novotel


    Easily one of Vizag’s  most thronged hotels, Novotel Varun beach recently opened the doors to its newly renovated and rejuvenated Harbour Vue.

     Earlier known as the Vue Bar this new place has redefined itself in many ways. Well to begin with it no more calls itself a bar and lays emphasis on being more of a café cum lounge.

    ‘The Old Vue bar was popular but more so carried the tag of a bar cum night club. We wanted to change that’ said Mr Rajesh Gopalakrishnan, GM of Novotel Varun beach speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

    The change was intentional as the new Harbour Vue looks to attract people from an eclectic spectrum.

    ‘We want people to come here relax, enjoy their conversation, stay longer, use it as their daily go to place’ said the GM.

    If this sounds inviting, you are right as the Harbour Vue offers complimentary wifi and soon intends to have a bookshelf too.

    In its new avatar Harbour Vue also projects itself to be a place startups in the city can come have conversations, discuss, network, strategize etc.

    Built on the theme of old town Vizag the port city is given due prominence in its decor. One can see wall hangings illustrating Vizag’s history of being a bustling town of trade, business etc.

     With a seating capacity of about 80 people this newly refurbished place also has a sit out place overlooking the Bay of Bengal. And to top it off has a live Tandoor at your service.

Talking of food Harbour Vue wants to quintessentially be known for its food.

     ‘Food is a major focus here. We want people to first eat then drink. We offer a slew of global cuisines with a blend of local flavours’ said Rajesh munching on one of their signature dishes….

     And for guests with a penchant for healthy food the Harbour Vue offers fresh juices, Milkshakes with soya milk in it and many other health conscious options.

     ‘There is a concerted effort on our part to significantly reduce the sugary content in our servings’ informs the GM.

     Quiz him on the prices and the GM quips ‘Pricing is affordable not what you would typically find at five star hotels’.

    Wooing a much wanted ‘Like’ from Vizagaites, Harbour Vue currently offers a 50% discount on your bill during the day hours and 30% off the bill during the evening hours.

      The place can also be booked for private parties/corporate outings etc.

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