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    Steel rebars are used as  a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and aid the concrete under tension. It is often viewed as the most crucial product for constructing homes, multi-storeyed towers, bridges, tunnels, flyovers, and other structures.
    The most common type of rebar is carbon steel, typically consisting of hot-rolled round bars with deformation patterns. But most producers of these rebars do not adhere to quality control standards or maintain constant heating while the steel rebars are being rolled.
Generally to a common person, most rebars largely look the same. But it is the quality of raw materials and blast furnace heating level that is critical. This is because concrete is a material that is very strong in compression, but relatively weak in tension.
    To compensate for this imbalance in concrete’s behavior, rebar is cast into it to carry the tensile loads and resist corrosion.
    Mr P.K Rath Chairman & Managing Director of RINL which runs and operates the Vizag Steel Plant highlighted the risk of poor quality rebars or steel quality used in construction.
Mr Rath says Prices of RINL may be marginally higher but that’s on account of them using the highest quality of raw material and world-renowned technology to match global standards.
    Mr Rath added that in order to upkeep the health of the existing facilities they ensure the following:
1. Meet the stringent environmental &
pollution control norms stipulated by the various statutory authorities,
2. Reduce the energy consumption through adoption of energy-efficient technologies,
3. Improve reliability and
equipment availability via process and productivity enhancements;
4. Carry out production on a
sustainable basis,
5. Continuous improvement through revamping and upgrading existing units at Vizag Steel. In fact, RINL have developed new products to give the best quality steel rebars and have
installed secondary metallurgy facilities like Ladle Furnace and RH degasser.
Furthermore, this expansion has facilitated the production of high-quality value-added steel across the following key areas:

  • Rounds with special emphasis to the auto sector
  • WRC (Wire Rod Coils) for wire drawing applications and PC wire for Railway sleepers
  • Spring Steel Rounds in 20.64mm and 23mm in 55Si7 grade for Electrical Railway Clips (ERC) for Railways
  • Spring Steel flats for the Auto sector
  • CAQ grade and Boron Steel for high strength low alloy applications
  • Electrode quality steels such as EQ, 2879, CO2
  • Production of CC Rounds up to 450mm for Forging sector, tubes and railway wheel manufacturing.
  • API rounds for Seamless pipe for oil and gas transmission for domestic consumption as well as the export market, including Fe 500 D Vizag TMT Re-Bars
Mr Rath further added that Rails produced by the RINL-VSP is the preferred product. He suggested not to get carried away by false propaganda and instead checking key facts of Vizag Steel superiority and quality

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