Vizag to bear IT crown: AP’s IT Advisors


Reiterating the state government’s stand, IT advisors to GoAP, Mr SrinathDevireddy and Mr VidyaSagar Reddy made it clear that the city of destiny shall be the main stay of IT.

Identifying Vizag as a prime destination for IT&ITES enabled services they said that a major focus will be on making the city a desired location for tech including startups.

‘Right now its an open field in IT and we are here to evaluate how one can one take advantage of this. Vizag is going to be thefocused region for IT &startups’ said Mr Srinath

On the subject of job creation and skill development the advisors minced no words in stating that skill development is a major task on hand and that the government is totally committed to it.

“There are many missing links in the startup ecosystem here which we aim to address”      -Mr Srinath Devireddy.

‘We have a very clear message from the CM that we support industry and we want skills of youth to be enhanced so that they should be job ready’ said the IT advisors.

And to get the desired results the government is making every effort to engage with industry and learn what they require in terms of skill set.

‘We will tailor the curriculum to suit the needs of the industry so that there is no mismatch’ said the advisors.

More Jobs less real estate

While in the city the advisors met with various stakeholders to get their perspective and feedback. ‘We must tell you that we have got some great feedback by the regional IT association and their similar desire to create more jobs’.

The advisors stated that the industry has suggested to have a keen focus on job creation while discard liberal land allocation.


Commenting on startups they stated that the government is working on a revised startup policy which should be out soon.

‘There are many missing links in the startup ecosystem here which we aim to address’ said Mr Srinath.

Special focus will be on funding for startups and in fact a fund of funds is also been worked upon. They further informed that there are many HNIs wanting to invest in startups but weren’t aware on how and where.

‘There are a lot of HNIs that would love to invest in startups however they aren’t aware of the opportunities that exist here’ said Mr Srinath.

Similarly efforts are on to bring in world class accelerators and incubators to the state.

AI, cyber security and skill development are some of the key areas where they shall be working on.


Mentoring plays a crucial role in nurturing and advising startups thus the state government is putting significant emphasis on encouraging mentorship.

‘The CM has himself appealed to NRIs to come and participate in the development of AP and this includes mentoring startups here’ they added.

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