Vizag’s Mask startup!


Vizag based startup Gills is probably a startup in the right time. With the Covid-19 pandemic sending the entire world into a panic mode and thereby creating a fluttering need of masks, Gills is gearing up.

Gills masks help act as protective gear against both gaseous pollutants and particulate pollutants (i.e. flus).   

A microbiologist by profession, armed with a master’s degree in occupational health and safety, Gills founder Mr RamaseshuBotu has over 5 years of work experience in an oil and gas company in the US wherein he worked in their safety department.

It was on his return to India in 2015 that he decided to explore this space. ‘There is a great opportunity in specialty masks as innovation is missing in this space. Most copy the west and replicate it here thus leaving room for innovation’ said its founder.

Right from the ideation phase to manufacturing of the masks Gills does it in Vizag itself.

The startup currently offers masks in 6 variants and has 1 respirator too (respirators he says have a better fit and a filtration unit)

Most of our products are N99 grade which can be used for virus protection too hence helpful as a protective gear against the Covid-19 virus said Mr Ramaseshu.

All of gills masks are both Re-usable and washable.

With an average life span of up to a year these masks range from Rs 300 to Rs 2200.

The startup claims to have sold 35000 masks and can be bought either through their retail outlet in Vizag or on most e-commerce platforms. 

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder

Founders: RamaseshuBotu and co-founder MrVenkateshBotu

Team: 7

Incubated/Started (Year and City): Vizag, 2017 (Commercialized)

Industry/Space: Safety gear/Consumer wearable

Funding Received: NA

Looking for: Funding& mentorship

Market of Operation: Across India

Revenues: Under 40 lakhs

Claim to Fame: Got invited to collaborate with the Indian institute of science

Company’s culture:        Aggressive          Easy Going          Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me):Elon Musk. It is his Ability to think big and execute to scale that inspires me.

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