VSEZ’s Gems Units Rev. up 16%


   VSEZ Development Commissioner Mr ARM Reddy recently informed that the 4 operational units of Gems and Jewellery in VSEZ have achieved exports to the tune of Rs. 136 Crores compared to Rs.115 Crores done in the last fiscal (upto Jan.)

    Marking an increase of 16% in exports he mentioned that the units have been providing employment to the tune of 1200 (660 Men and 540 Women).

    Constell Group, a Gems and Jewellery Group, with headquarters in British Virgin Islands, has set up f Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers Pvt Ltd (WDM) is a leader in cutting and polishing of natural rough diamonds (HSN Code: 7102 3100) and polished diamonds (HSN Code: 7102 3910). The company uses the latest technologies and works with experienced team, capable of delivering services across a wide range of diamond sizes, shapes, models, qualities and colours, enabling clients to benefit from a high quality of work, ultimately enhancing the value of their goods.

    Worldwide  Diamond Sorting Pvt. Ltd (WDS) established in 2012 in VSEZ provides rough diamond sorting and valuation services. The company imports natural rough diamonds (HSN Code: 7102 1000, 7102 3100) from mining companies and classifies them as per their colour and clarity and exports the assorted rough diamonds to the client.

    Worldwide Diamond and Jewellery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd (WDJM) established in 2018 in VSEZ provides services relating to cutting and polishing of laboratory grown diamonds (HS Code: 7104 2010) and jewellery manufacturing.

    The most recently established Constell Manufacturing Pvt Ltd (CMPL) processes Synthetic or laboratory grown diamonds of gem quality (HS Code: 7104 2010). Some of its services includes Laser Cutting of Synthetic or laboratory grown diamonds, Cutting and polishing of Synthetic or laboratory grown diamonds.

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