‘We are here to facilitate trade & industry’

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   Taking charge as the full time chief commissioner of customs and central tax, Andhra Pradesh, Mr Naresh Penumaka, IRS made it amply clear that his department’s goal is to enhance and facilitate trade.
‘We are here to help take trade and industry forward. Both at the customs level and GST level many initiatives have been taken to further simplify procedures that in turn make it easier for businesses to interact with our respective departments’ said Mr Penumaka speaking exclusively to Vizag Industrial Scan.
New GST Forms
     Urging taxpayers to file their annual GST returns by March 31st 2020 he highlighted the fact that from April 1st 2020 onwards new GST return forms will be applicable. ‘These new forms are a much simplified version and shall enhance the ease of filing for taxpayers registered under GST’ said the Chief Commissioner.
   It was in the 31st GST council meeting that it was decided to introduce new return system for GST.
   Mr Penumaka advised applicants who are not aware on the new filing of these forms to visit the GSTN portal and utilize the dummy fillings option in order to get themselves a better understanding of these forms.
   The new forms will consist of one main GST RET 1, RET 2 and RET 3 forms along with 2 annexures i.e. ANX-1 and ANX-2.
   These are to be filed on a monthly basis however small taxpayers (of turnover less than Rs 5 crores) have the liberty to file these forms quarterly.
For companies with more than Rs 100 crores of turnover online invoicing has been made mandatory
Vizag GST Office ranks 3rd SVLDRS
   The Vizag’s GST office stood number three (in terms of applications received) across India under the Sabka Vishwas legacy dispute resolution scheme. ‘We received 8689 applications under this scheme of which the department shall receive Rs 490.32 crores’ said the Chief Commissioner.
   He further informed that the commissionerate has already received Rs 184 crores in this regard.
Customs revenue surges 36%
   As of January 2020 the Vizag customs department had already registered a revenue growth of 36% for the current fiscal compared to the same period last year.
The Customs Department has taken several initiatives in making it a digitally enabled department.
   ‘Today only 20% of our cargo is randomly inspected while 80% is fully facilitated. These initiatives are all been undertaken to simplify trade and ease of doing business parameters’ said the Chief Commissioner customs and Central Tax.
In addition the Vizag customs office has been one of the first in the country to implement faceless assessment wherein import bills filed for clearance at any port in AP are processed  by customs at one place in order to help the trade minimize any physical interaction.

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