Your Smart ‘Fuelling’ Station

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   Helping industry and large corporates get their bulk fuel requirements fulfilled right at their doorstep is this IOT enabled startup called Pepfuels.

     This app-based startup claims to be the first company facilitated by an OMC (Oil Marketing Company) for delivery of petroleum products at your doorstep.

   Pepfuels with its unique software gives real time monitoring access to its customers wherein they can track their orders, delivery time and also the quality of the fuel.

    The startup primarily delivers fuel to its customers who are mostly industries i.e. Diesel for vehicles, DG sets, manufacturing plants etc. with the appropriate quality and quantity checks in place.

   ‘Earlier there was no support from the govt, but a change in policies and guidelines of the government in 2016 opened up this space for startups to bring in new integration in the market” said Mr. Sandeep Thakur, cofounder of Pepfuels.

    PESO (Petroleum Explosive and Safety Organisation) approved MDU (Mobile Dispensing Unit-Delivery Vehicle) Pepfeuls claims to have an active customer base of 350+ clients in sectors ranging from Ports&Shipping, Construction, warehousing etc.

    In terms of revenue Pepfuels charges a commission to the OMC in addition it charges a delivery fee to its customers.

   How this works is that the customer first needs to sign up and register on their app after which a field executive is assigned for site verification to ensure safety norms. Post the approvals done by the field executive the customer can order and get the fuel with quality and quantity checks at their sites. Minimum order quantity is 200 litres.

    And With MIS REPORTING customers get consumption Report of all locations in single screen.

   Going forward the startup is looking to increase its presence in the ports and shipping sector in the regions of Vizag and Nellore while also in Vijayawada.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founders Name : Mr. Tikendra Yadav, Mr. Sandeep Thakur, Mr. Prateek Kathil 

Incubated/Started (Year) :  2019 August

Industry / Space : Petroleum, Oil & Gas

Funding  Received : Seed funding from ONGC startup fund

Looking for: Series A funding

Market of Operation: Pan India

Revenues: Over Rs. 25 cr

Claim of Fame : any certifications / awards :  Recognized by DPIIT

Company’s culture :

     Aggressive          Easy Going        Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): One of the persons I truly admire is Mr. Ratan Tata. His thoughts and leadership skills inspire me a lot.

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