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Antar IOT

IOT (Internet of things) is the buzz word these days. Gone are the days when people would use all their resources including time and labour to do their work.

ANTAR IOT is one such startup that focuses on Home automation solutions and IOT solutions for industries.

Founded by Rajaneesh Vasanta in the year 2017 his startup delivers solutions which elevate an everyday home into a smart home.

Their first innovative project was for creating smart switches i.e. fans, lights, home appliances which could be controlled by a smart phone device. This also helped them attract customers from the real estate sector.

Their Second piloted software project was for a company in New Delhi wherein they developed a tracking system to check in how much time employees take to manufacture a garment.

The main objective of the company says Rajaneesh is to reduce wastage, improve productivity and efficiency using IOT. As a lot of industries have problems and are searching for solutions this is where Antar IOT bridges the gap.

Having started with two members this APIS (Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society) incubated startup now employs 20 people who create customized solutions for industry.

In fact in the current COVID-19 pandemic they have developed software which tracks employee traceability and also monitors an employee’s temperature once he/she enters the factory.

Below is a brief snapshot of the company and founder:

Founder: Rajaneesh Vasanta

Team: 20

Incubated/Started (Year and City): 2017, Hyderabad. However the startup shifted its base to Vizag in 2019.

Funding Received: N/A

Looking for: Industries who require smart IOT solutions

Market of operation: Pan India for Home automation solutions and Asian Market for IOT solutions

Revenues: Rs. 1.7 crores

Claim to Fame: Bagged Rail &Metro award under ‘Innovation in IT and IOT solutions’ category in 2020

Company’s Culture:   Aggressive Easy going Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): My Father. Since my childhood he has taught me life values which are amazing. One of the best advices/teachings I have learnt from him is to deliver the best regardless whatsoever the situation may turn out to be.

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